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Anboo Special Protective Vinyl Skin

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Quickbuying Racerstar 5060 BRD5060. A large semi-circular amphitheatre that holds at least a hundred thousand people dominates the landscape. KITSTER and JAR JAR unhitch the EOPIES, and KITSTER leads them away. He marches right past QUI-GON, starring right ahead, tears in his eyes, determined not to look back. QUEEN AMIDALA and PALPATINE smile at one another In the parade are BOSS NASS and his GUARDS, JAR JAR and GENERAL CEEL. The lights on the tiny sub begin to flicker as they cruise deeper into the gloom. MOS ESPA - STREET - SLAVE QUARTERS - DAY KITSTER runs up to ANAKIN as he and QUI-GON exit Anakin's hovel. OBI-WAN : Over there! Fly low! In the distance is a small cloud of dust. CAPTAIN PANAKA and a DOZEN OR SO and PILOT pile out and join the group. QUI-GON takes the part out of his hand and puts it back. ANAKIN waves to the crowd, as JABBA continues with his introductions. This is where Chancellor Valorum's strength will dissapear. QUI-GON is talking on his com-link, while JAR JAR nervously watches the street. The motion is on the floor and must be voted upon in this session. Suddenly, he leans over too far and falls overboard. Without a doubt, it saved the ship, as well as our lives. DROID GUARD : You're under arrest! The DROID GUARD draws his weapon, but before any of the DROIDS can fire, they are cut down. ANAKIN : Yes, sir!! ANAKIN jumps into the little capsule behind the two giant engines. ANAKIN : Master Qui-Gon, sir, I do not wish to be a problem. TROOPS unload the ships in the background as OBI-WAN approaches QUI-GON. JAR JAR reluctantly follows and looks back at the mess. They are followed by about TWENTY NABOO GUARDS, PILOTS, and TROOPS. PADME, CAPTAIN PANAKA, and HER SOLDIERS climb into the hallway. PADME looks around in awe at this exotic enviroment. QUI-GON : I'm Qui-Gon Jinn, and this is Jar Jar Binks.

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The DRIVER, BEN QUADINAROS, puts it in gear, and the four engines go off in all directions, EXPLODING in a spectacular display. YODA : With this Naboo queen you must stay, Qui-Gon.

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I see the contestants are making their way out onto the starting grid. THEED - POWER GENERATOR PIT - DAY Three swords are crossed in an intense display of swordmanship. JAR JAR's bumbling destroys several more DESTROYER DROIDS. I must relay to you how distressed everyone is over the currant situation. PALPATINE gives the Gungan and the boy in the back of the taxi a skeptical look. I promise, Your Majesty, if I am elected, I will bring democracy back to the Republic. ANAKIN struggles to keep control of the little Pod. QUI-GON : We need a navigator to get us through the planet's core. NABOO SPACECRAFT - TATOOINE DESERT - DAY OBI-WAN stands outside the Naboo spacecraft, speaking into his comlink. All the other Podracers except one swerve around him and dissapear down the track. TEY HOW : Sir, they've gone up the ventilation shaft. JAR JAR looks up and sees QUI-GON and the other creatures running like the wind toward him. A tragedy has occured on our peaceful system of Naboo. The ramp closes, and the Naboo craft rockets away, leaving the Sith Lord standing alone. NABOO STARFIGHTER - COCKPIT -SPACE ANAKIN finds himself in the middle of the space battle. ANAKIN's fighter flies toward the Federation Battleship. QUI-GON : Once we get inside, Annie, you find a safe placeto hide and stay there. ANAKIN and JAR JAR stand to one side, looking at the huge city. The Council will decide Anakin's future.that should be enough for you. He zooms away after the receeding pack of competitors, leaving one quadra-Pod racer still trying to get started. He picks out the lights of three different cities in the distance, then pushes buttons on his electronic armband. CORUSCANT - SENATE LANDING PLATFORM - DAY Supreme Chancellor VALORUM, SEVERAL GUARDS, and SENATOR PALPATINE stand on a landing platform. BATTLE DROIDS begin firing at them as they run for cover. At the far end are the ruins of a grand temple with massive carved heads. OBI-WAN : Master, you could be sitting on the Council by now if you would just follow the code. OBI-WAN is just starting into it and is five walls way from DARTH MAUL. VALORUM : The Chair recognizes the Senator from the sovereign system of Naboo. The door opens, and the Republic cruiser can be seen in the docking bay. OTOH GUNGA - CITY SQUARE JAR JAR enters the main square of the bubble city.

When JAR JAR's KAADU shakes off, JAR JAR falls off. QUI-GON and the QUEEN, CAPTAIN PANAKA, JAR JAR, and the rest Of the GROUP approach the GUARDS at the ramp of the Naboo craft. WATTO'S JUNK YARD - BEHIND SHOP - DAY WATTO reads a small portable monitor he is holding. will become a Jedi and I will come back and free you, Mom.I promise. PAN DOWN to reveal a small space cruiser heading TOWARD CAMERA at great speed. MOS ESPA - ARENA - STARTING GRID - DAY SEBULBA, who is right next to ANAKIN, stands and waves to his fans. QUI-GON :.moisture farms for the most part, but also a few indigenous tribes and scavengers. If we can get past their rayshields, we can sever communication and their droids will be helpless. The DARK LORD backs away along the catwalk into a small door. A few hundred police and guards have formed an underground movement. PANAKA : You can't take Her Royal Highness there! The Hutts are gangsters. OBI-WAN : They have shield generators! QUI-GON : It's a standoff! Let's go! INT. ANAKIN : Well, Threepio, I'm free.and I'm going a starship. The GUNGAN GENERAL signals a retreat as the tanks enter the battle. WATTO : No, no! I want no more of your tricks! Take him! The SITH PROBE DROID watches with great interest.

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They stand watching the war machine dissapear into the mist. DARTH MAUL kicks OBI-WAN off one of the ramps and he falls several levels. ASSEMBLY : Vote now! Vote now! Vote now! PALPATINE stands next to AMIDALA. Living Paradise Bumper Stripfor. ANAKIN : When the storm is over, you can see my racer. THEED - POWER GENERATOR ELECTRIC BEAM - HALLWAY The electric rays cycle as QUI-GON sits meditating. The PROTOCOL DROID passes the armed camp just as two flashing laser swords fly out of the deadly fog, cutting down several BATTLE DROIDS before they can fire. ANAKIN stands up and stretches just as KITSTER arrives. LOTT DOD : This is outrageous! I object to the Senator's statements! VALORUM : The Chair does not recognize the Senator from the Trade Federation at this time. The Pod drops to the ground as SEBULBA enters the arena, closely followed by all the OTHER RACERS. THEED - CENTRAL HANGER - DAY ANAKIN hides behind one of the Naboo fighters, ducking as large bolts whiz past and EXPLODE near him. KITSTER, on the other EOPIE, is pulling another engine. The PILOTS flip switches, and poerful energy binders shoot between the engines. QUI-GON : I brought Anakin here; he must stay in my charge. SEBULBA slows a little, and as XELBREE pulls alongside, he opens a side vent on the racer's engine and the exhaust starts to cut through the alien's engine. NABOO GRASS PALINS - DAY JAR JAR's clumsiness works for him in the battle. The battle rages and the GUNGANS defend their shield generators against the ARMY OF DROIDS. Thin cables shoot out of the pistols and are embedded into the ledge. MOS ESPA - ARENA - GRANDSTAND - DAY Colorful canopies shade some of the SPECTATORS. PALACE OF THE JEDI - COUNCIL CHAMBERS - SUNSET ANAKIN stands before the TWELVE JEDI. In the distance the glow of Otoh Gunga, an underwater city made up of large bubbles, becomes more distinct. QUI-GON : I have.acquired a Pod in a game of chance. ARTOO stands in front of the QUEEN'S HANDMAIDENS and whistles at the parade. ANAKIN's ship skids to a stop behind the other Naboo starfighters. ANAKIN thinks, looks to his mother, then to QUI-GON. AMIDALA : Congratulations on youer election, Chancellor. Just before they get to the bridge area, they stop and transform into their battle configuration. JAR JAR scrambles to avoid being hit by one of the balls. PALPATINES QUARTERS - SUNSET QUEEN AMIDALA is standing, staring out the window, with JAR JAR. ARTOO, down in the pits with KITSTER, lets out a worried sigh. PADME and SHMI search the landscape for any sign of the racers. They race sid by side down the final stretch of the track. I may not like it, but he can help you.he was meant to help you. TATOOINE - DESERT MESA - DAY The PROBE DROID beeps and whistles to DARTH MAUL. JAR JAR sits on a box in front of Watto's parts shop, watching all the activity with growing nervousness. SHMI hugs ANAKIN, then turns him around so he is facing QUI-GON, and off he marches, like the brave little trooper that he is. MORE DROIDS move forward and are also cut down by the JEDIS' flashing lightsabres until there is only the DROID SERGEANT left. JAR JAR : Oyi, mooie-mooie! I luv yous! The frog-like creature kisses the JEDI. They head for a little junk shop that has a huge pile of broken spaceships stacked up behind it. The OTHER DROIDS shoot, but the lasers are deflected by ANAKIN's shields. NABOO SWAMP - TWILIGHT QUI-GON runs through the strange landscape, glancing back to see the monstrous troop transports, emerging from the mist

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