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PENpal. The PENpal brings sound to paper. When the pen touches a poster or a This is a fantastic way to improve speaking, listening and storytelling skills. PENpal. Why do we call it a PENpal? Because this award-winning digital Touch the pen to a book, poster, learning chart, or sticky label, and you'll hear the content which enables you to make your own talking books, posters, and labels . This is the second post in my series of talking pen comparisons. Please do read my previous post for a general overview of talking pens.

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Training: Listen to a book with PENpal Contact Jean Velvikis at jean mantralingua. Your book must be a sound-enabled book and that is indicated with an image of a PENpal found on the back of penpal talking pen book 7. If you order now, it will be delivered after 2 weeks. Most schools prefer to purchase a pen with each specific language kit, penpal talking pen. It detects 'micro' barcodes, penpal talking pen, so small that you can hardly see them and therefore the barcodes do not ruin any artwork. You are actually making an audio file on the PENpal…not on the label…which is why you need to use the same pen. Here are some suggestions for the use of the PENpal and sticky labels for creating customised materials for new arrival EAL learners - audio recordings can be in English and a range of other languages pertinent to the school context e. penpal talking pen

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