BATC8, 4C24080A, C12-005-00800
BATC8, 4C24080A, C12-005-00800

24 volt 8 amp Premium Quality Heavy Duty off-board portable switching mode battery charger convection cooled, Underwriters Laboratories UL¨ Listed for Sealed AGM, GEL batteries recommended for 35 ah, 36 ah, 38 ah, 40ah, 44 ah, 45 ah, 50 ah, 52 ah, 55 ah, 70 ah, 75 ah, 80 ah, 90 ah, 100 ah. This 3 stage Smart Charger with Automatic shut-off has Overcharge Protection by Universal Power. Standard 3-prong Male XLR plug/connector which fits Female XLR port for electric mobility scooter, wheelchair, power chair. Replacement for oem Sunrise Medical, Quickie, Drive Medical. Replaces oem BATC8, 4C24080A, C12-005-00800, 24v 8a, 24v 8 amp, 8.0a, 7 amp, 7a, 7.0a with full 1 year warranty.

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