Black Protective Silicone Cover
Black Protective Silicone Cover

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You absolutely must have hoses and cables protected from wear and abrasion, while remaining fully flexible and accessible.

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At Cable Ties and More, our Spiral Wrap and Pro-Tec-To Wrap are exactly what you need to ensure that cables and hoses are organized and uniformly protected. All you need are hairpins and/or a covered elastic band or satin scrunchie. Now an important point to make here is that frequent re-use of the spiral wrap will not affect its ability to tightly secure contents, which makes it a highly preferable option to other single-use methods of bundling. What protective styles do is keep your ends "protected." Try any of these protective styles and see if you experience less breakage on your ends and therefore retain more growth. Just twist the wires down the gap, and they will disappear without any hassle or need of tools.

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Clair/Getty Images Twists work best on natural hair. As well, the nature of the spiral wrap allows for custom break-outs anywhere along the length, which makes it ideal for long cable or hose runs. Abrasion and crush resistant, the Pro-Tec-To wrap is impervious to oils and solvents, as well as resistant to both weather and temperature. Now, whether you’re a musician dealing with the wires in sound equipment or instruments, or else hoses and cables in more industrial applications, the issues you face are the same. It is made of polyethylene, and provides excellent insulation and protection from abrasion. Always protect your equipment from wear and breakdowns, but never compromise on flexibility and ease of use. And of course, the wider the gap, the more freedom your cables will have to move. One good thing about twists is that they can last for days or weeks, with minimal touching up. Tres Magnifique ON SALES Regular 8. It as well comes in many different sizes, as you can see, this is made for a bit more of an industrial application. If your hair extends past the nape of your neck, you can gather the ends of flat twists and fashion them into a ponytail or bun Contract is emailed to you within hours of your purchase. Erik Isakson/Blend Images/Getty Images You can braid your natural hair or you can opt for braid extensions.

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So next time you have bundling needs, in a variety of applications, from light to heavy duty, check out the spiral wrap and Pro-Tec-To wrap at Cable Ties and More. Flat twists offer more versatility because unlike two-strand twists, flat twists work equally well on relaxed or natural hair. 2x 608ZZ ABEC7 Wheel Ball Bearing.

Now let’s talk a little bit about this gap itself, which is actually fundamental to the way that the wrap works. As much growth as you might experience when wearing one, however, you still need to give your hair and scalp a break between weaves. Bun or Chignon Deborah Jaffe/Stockbyte/Getty Images This is a simple style that works for any occasion, including dressy or formal ones. The smaller your braids, the longer you can expect them to last. Buns work on relaxed and natural hair with a relative amount of ease. Now with it, your going to have a few more color options, in blue, green, orange, grey, CAT yellow and regular yellow, black and red. So lets start by looking at this heavy duty spiral wrap.

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You can part your hair down the center or on one side if you prefer. We sell the wrap in small spools of five or ten feet, as well as hundred foot spools. For maximum hair growth, however, it's still important to care for the hair beneath the weave.

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Sign Up Nearby RetailersRegister A Product English United States English North America South America Australia / New Zealand Asia Pacific Africa and Middle East Video Presentation Video TranscriptHey there, I'm Gill, for Cables Ties and More.

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You can fashion twists in various ways while still protecting your delicate ends. Just make sure, no matter which way you wear your hair, that your ends are put away. We are dedicated to offering you great products as inexpensively as possible, so please give us a call, or check out our website Street Address State / Province / Region ZIP / Postal Code They insist that keeping their hair's ends up and out of sight helps them to retain precious length. So, very easy to install, remove and re-use, all you will do is take the ends of the items you want bundled, and slide them into this gap that runs the length of the spiral. So you will find that you are able to tightly bind contents, while they're ability to go around curves and bends remains unhindered. Similar to cornrows, flat twists are created with two sections of hair instead of three. And we have so many sizes for you to choose from at Cable Ties and More, that regardless of what you are containing, your needs will be met. If your hair is braided completely beneath it, it's not subject to sun, wind, rain or other weather. It could also be used for domestic applications though, especially if you have pets who like to chew. Whether your braids are all yours or created with enhancements, you still need to care for your hair and scalp while you're wearing them. Now, our Pro-Tec-To Wrap is also made of polyethylene, and is very proudly made in the United States of America. However, as long as your ends are braided away, they'll be protected from the elements as well as daily handling. You can also add some flair with cool or edgy accessories. Now, the same as with the spiral wrap, you do not need to remove any hoses or cables from their installations in order to implement it. If your hair is breaking off faster than it grows, then you'll never see any length retention. Now, available in the colors black, natural, red, blue and yellow, the spiral wrap is an economical solution to your cable and hose organization needs. Relaxed strands are simply too straight and slippery to hold twists in place without unraveling. And as I said, it is ideal for heavy duty application, and is used with confidence in construction, as well as the mining or oil industries. So, since there are so many potential applications for this product, your specific requirements may vary as well.

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. To ensure that your ends stay moisturized if you wear your twists for a while, dampen them at night and apply a small amount of moisturizer before bed. So, the smaller you have the gap, the more surface protection will be provided, since the contents are more fully contained

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