Coocheer 6.5 inch Self Balancing
Coocheer 6.5 inch Self Balancing

Safety First

Safety Certification: UL2272/CE/ROHS/MD/LVD
Passed a 159-Point Safety Tests
Blue LED headlights
LED battery power indicator
Intelligent power-off protection
Temperature control system


350W dual motors
Max Load: 100kg(220lbs)
Max Speed: 10km/h(8.7mph)
Range: 15-20km
Run-time: 120 minutes
Max Climbing Capacity: 15°
Battery: UL2272 certification lithium-ion battery technology

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LEVIT8ION ION 6.5" Hoverboard,. Great with a subwoofer, as surround speakers or for casual listening. Upgrades to higher end Marantz & Dolby ATMOS Receivers available for ultimate performance. . BIG SAVINGS! Small, high performance amplifier brings sound to almost any TV, computer or mobile device.

Choose BOOSTER BASIC if you already have a subwoofer, plan to add one later, or are just happy with great dialougue & not much bass.

Home Theater Speakers - Best Small Speakers - Orb Audio

No other small speaker in this price range compares in performance or finish! Connects with one speaker wire per channel like any other speaker

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