Gray Carbon Fiber Vinyl Smart
Gray Carbon Fiber Vinyl Smart

IPG is a very well known device protection company in the USA. Mini scooters are cool items but they get scratched very easily and not only they look ugly but also they loose their market value. Covering them with IPG is the best way to protect from scratches and from daily wear-and-tear of your hover board. Package includes 2 pieces transparent IPG film for led lights and 2 pieces transparent film for upper dashboard.

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It is made from lightweight.Universal Shaker Style Hood Scoop by Duraflex®. Front portion of flange can be cut away if necessary to allow 'matching' of any body line or ridge in the center of the hood. All of our carbon is sold as a dry woven fabric.We do not carry any pre-pregnated material nor any fabricated sheets, panels, rods or tubing. We have specially designed molds that allow us to laminate this item in one piece without `assembly' after it is molded.               Aero-scoop allows air to enter front,               greatly improving performance. . Bully's new Line of Universal Fit & Hood Scoops captures the look and style of today’s performance look. This scoop is used for mounting to a flat carburetor plate. Internal flange between base and top allows use of air pan kit and provides a strong bolting flange to hold the top section to the base. Captures the look and style of today's top performance.Universal Vector Hood Scoop by Pilot®. Please call for more info on our custom work Ready to bolt to the carbs. Functional ram air hood is a perfect replacement for the ordinary factory hood. Narrow tapes will typically come packed in plastic bags. This flange is made as an integral part of the scoop. You can request to see our lay-up shop and see how our products are made! New scoops are being added to our product line. Captures the look and style of today's top performance vehicles with long lasting.Universal Pro-Street Hood Scoop by Pilot®. Carbon fiber helmets on sale.Carbon Fiber Vinyl Upholstery Fabric - Excellent for commercial, automotive, motorcycle and marine applications Titanium Add-On Bolt and Nut SetCC™ Carbon Fiber Hard Hat : Full BrimCC™ Carbon/Red Kevlar® Bump Cap CC™ Replacement Hard Hat Sweatband. The bottom flange is straight cut to allow trimming this flange off to make the scoop the desired height. Mounting bolts and instructions are supplied with this scoop. Graphite running the Warp and a Polyester fill thread securing it. Captures the look and style of today's top performance vehicles with long lasting universal hood scoops. Make sure to use the heat gun when you fold the vinyl over to the backside, and it should hold extremely well once it cools High quality motorcycle helmets by Daytona Helmets brand. Excellent for flat parts and high strength requirements. Carbon fiber "skeleton" bonded to underside of carbon fiber hood - reduced weight. The bottom of this scoop has a full flange with hole cut. Inside style mounting flange will not allow mounting bolts to show. Upgrading your car is made easy with a Hood Scoop from Dawn Enterprises. As with all Unlimited's aero scoops, this one also has smooth top surface without 'mold-line'. We offer mold-in of this scoop to almost any of our fiberglass hoods. Base has external flange for bolting or riveting to hood, or this scoop can be bonded to the hood with fiberglass resin. You can request to see our lay-up shop and see how our products are made! New scoops are being added to our product line These are instructions for how to wrap your automotive interior with carbon fiber vinyl.  I have done this on a number of cars, and the technique can be applied to just about anything, some people even wrap their hood or trunk lid with this stuff. This matching can easily be done with a jig saw or small hand saw, then filed or sanded to fit. Consisting of gel-coat, fiberglass matting, fiberglass 'cloth' and high strength polyester resin. This snorkel features full fiberglass construction. VAB STI WRX C-Style Carbon Skirts Evo X Dry Carbon Door Trim Overlays Front open and Rear open!  Features "open back" for Forcing air into rear.

Composite Envisions offers the largest selection of Carbon.

New DriTech carbon fiber products utilize manufacturing technology once reserved for the top aerospace clientele.


Vector Chrome Hood ScoopUniversal Vector Hood Scoop by Bully®.

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Scoop top is separate and has bottom flange for mounting to scoop base. Revamp the appearance of your Ford Mustang with the ROUSH Mustang Hood Scoop. We simply cut the base to the desired size before molding in. Excessive heat can cause major and expensive  damage to critical components in a car. Boat scoop. Features bottom flange for easy mounting to a flat sheet-metal carburetor plate. It helps at this point to notch the corners of the vinyl where the trim has a sharp external corner, and put a few slits in it anywhere the trim has a round internal corner, as pictured. Rear of scoop is closed off and baffle is optional. Front open and Rear open!  Features: "open back" for Forcing air into rear. Plain weave is a one over one under pattern, checkerboard-like. It offers an inexpensive way to modernize your old style scoop without buying a new hood and scoop. This style is commonly used by automobile manufacturers for their stock carbon fiber appearance. All of Unlimited's scoops with internal mounting flange can also be mounted to a flat carburetor 'plate' and hood can be cut out to clear the scoop thus allowing removal of the hood without removing the scoop.

Rexpeed - Premium Carbon Fiber for your Evolution

This scoop can also be mounted directly to a flat Mounting bolts and instructions are supplied with this scoop. Then a hole is cut into the hood to clear the scoop. Used mainly as a structural reinforcement cloth but is sometimes used for cosmetic applications where a larger weave pattern is desired. Quantity Price Breaks: Each fabric has different quantity breaks, please see below for prices Our carbon fiber fabrics always come rolled and wrapped on a cardboard or corrugated tube to reduce creases durng shipping. This hood will lighten the front of your car, but you won't sacrifice durability in the process. More difficult to form than lighter weight carbon due to its high weight and thread thickness. Aero-scoops allow for maximum air intake as well as low air drag. Back contour is completely redesigned for non-windshield length applications. Carefully designed to meet stringent quality standards, this premium product guarantees maximum reliability. Good for areas requiring carbon strength in only one direction This hood will lighten the front of your car, but you won't sacrifice durability in the process. This is similar to the original hood pin kit used on early Mustangs and Fairlanes. When it comes to choosing the perfect hood for your favorite vehicle, the VIS part is the way to go. Bottom has full flange for mounting directly to standard flat steel hood or flat fiberglass hood. Bottom mounting flange has slight curve to match the contour of the Mounting bolts and instructions are supplied with this scoop. Hood Scoops are an easy way to add both style and class to your car without breaking the bank. Straight cut base allows for proper attachment to any fiberglass hood. All hand-laid in one piece from high quality fiber-glass materials. Front to back position is also a custom operation to your specific needs. Either way it'll draw attention to your car.Universal Vortex Style Hood Scoop by Duraflex®. Installation typically.Universal Spyder Style Hood Scoop by Duraflex®. Rounded air intake maximizes air flow while reducing drag. Carbon Fiber Hood ScoopUniversal Hood Scoop by Pilot®. Mount this scoop to bring cooler air to your engine, or just for show. Will not be affected by extreme weather or car washes.Universal NHRA Pro Stock NHRA Pro Stock Composite Hood Scoop by K&N®. Hidden mounting flange allows for easy attachment to any fiberglass or steel hood.

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets | DOT Helmets

Has internal mounting flange for easy mounting to steel or fiberglass hood.

3M Carbon Fiber DI-NOC Now Available In 9 Different Colors.

Then we fiberglass the scoop into the hood from the bottom and finish the top side. K&N used the latest technology to combine sophisticated airflow principles with the strength and light weight of carbon fiber to. Make your vehicle look like a speed monster with this hood. Installation typically.Universal Super Sport Style Hood Scoop by Duraflex®. Hood can then be removed without removing the scoop, as the scoop stays attached to the carburetor plate. Our 'no mold line' system will reduce paint prep time considerably, since there is no top surface mold line that has to be re-worked before painting. The sides taper and the inside measurement gets smaller as it tapers up.

Aero-scoop allows air to enter front, greatly improving performance. We currently produce a large volume of these aero-scoops. More easily drapable than plain fabric, but also more delicate. Top and bottom sections feature internal flanges for carb sealing

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