HoverFixer Complete Repair Kit 16
HoverFixer Complete Repair Kit 16

This replacement kit for Balance Scooter is designed to give you quick and easy fix. Complete set of electronic parts fix both side and eliminate compatible issues with both side using same board


Repair your Scooter with common problem such as one side not working, not working pressure sensor or shaking board, etc

Compatible: 6.5 inch Smart balance 2 wheels Electric Scooter

It is part only, scooter is NOT included

Package included:
1x Main Control Motherboard
2x Gyroscope -Balance Control Sensor
2x Top Power Indicator LED Board
2x Blue Headlight Indicator LED Board
1x Standard Charger Port and Cable
1x Power Switch Cable

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The adhesive that glued them down isn't a very good one, and they tend to get lost while riding. This means that it has passed certification tests that it should operate as expected. Fits these self-balancing scooters, and much more: Swagway, Powerboard, Leray, Hovertrax, Funace, Phunkee Duck, IO Hawk. These are the fancier, premium painted styles that you might not have seen. There are tons of different colors and styles to choose from.

Now you can apply that same technology to your hoverboard. Replacement Bumpers Self Balancing Scooter Bumpers These are the black rubber bumpers that help to protect your hoverboard from scratches and scrapes. It seems that this happens with EVERY brand of hoverboard. A UL-certified charger for a hoverboard will do exactly that. You can now find a silicone protective case for your hoverboard. Shop on Amazon Rubber Guards for Hoverboard This is a larger replacement guard kit which has six bumpers included. If you're the DIY type, and you wanted a gold chrome hoverboard, this might be the best option for you. This is a kit that includes a new metal frame for your self-balancing scooter, along with a pink skin to go with it. Locisne Stretchable Aluminum Alloy. Just peel the old one off, gently scrape and remaining adhesive off. And similar to having an insurance policy accidents can happen at any moment. THIS IS IMPORTANT! With hoverboards having the problem of randomly catching on fire, you want to limit over-stressing the battery. This silicone case slips onto your hoverboard and protects it from wayward scratches and dings. The bumpers come in four different colors; teal, black, pink, and orange which lets you personalize your scooter/board to your personal taste. Replacement Chassis For a Hoverboard This is a replacement frame or chassis for a self-balancing scooter. The more expensive versions have better insulation and components, again so that it charges things more safely. It uses High-Quality Silicone to Protect Your Board/Scooter from damage. But that "treating yourself" cost you several hundred dollars. Especially since many of the hoverboard brands charge a premium for a gold hoverboard. One of the first are these vinyl hoverboard stickers. A self-balancing skateboard, Datboard is affordable too! Color: Black See the Current Price on Amazon This self balancing scooter shell comes with replacement foot pads along with the awesome casing. That simplicity is why so many of the different brands seem the same. I could write a whole post on them, but these are the things to look for. Once you have the insides exposed, unscrew the screws along the outside edge INSIDE the hoverboard. If you've ever gotten a case for your phone, this is the same concept, only scaled up to fit a hoverboard. Now you should have the whole shell unscrewed, gently remove it and reverse these steps to install the new casing. Watch out; there are wires connected to the piece of shell that you are removing. To replace the frame is a relatively straightforward process. If you click on one of the items below, it will take you to the site and at the bottom of the page, you'll be able to see the different styles. . In addition to the custom look, they also add a layer to protect your hoverboard. Two for the top, and four for the bottom side of the balance board. These are an eight mil film that was originally used by car makers to protect their cars from flying rocks while driving. Display pictures and objects colors may be slightly different; please understand. Self-Balancing Electric Scooters. For as innovative as self-balancing scooters have been, inside they are surprisingly simple.

What Parts Do I Need to Fix My Broken Hoverboard?

You will need this if your hoverboard has broken into two separate parts. Inside it, I will have all the circuit boards and electrical components that you might need. I've sat through all the horrible videos and have only kept the good ones. To apply a hoverboard decal, you just need some alcohol wipes and a hair dryer. These are the screws that are holding the top of the hoverboard shell to your frame. Then using an alcohol wipe clean the area where you are going to stick the new bumper. One of the neat things about the way that these are designed is that you get two cases. These are high gloss vinyl decals that you apply to customize the look of your hoverboard. You may be distracted just for a second by a cute animal and then next thing you know you've crashed your HoverBoard. The case is stretched over the outside of the hoverboard, and small tabs clasp onto the screw holes on the bottom of the hoverboard. Expensive vehicle owners use this same film to protect their cars paint jobs from chips and scratches without changing the look. Now, you should have a gold shell for your hoverboard. See the Current Price on Amazon Hoverboard Skins: Protection and Style In One Along the same lines as the clear hoverboard decals are the MightySkins. There are a few products here offering differing levels of protection for your hoverboard

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