Maxfind® Mini Smart Self Balancing
Maxfind® Mini Smart Self Balancing

About the Product:
Control Board Size: 16.8 * 10 * 2.7cm (height containing highly capacitive)
Intelligent attitude board size: 10 * 5cm
Power indicator plate size: 4 * 4.8cm
Cool side lights board size: 7 * 2.2cm
Controllers learning Calibration: off, long press the power button for 5 seconds, "drip" sound until around headlights flash, attitude data successfully saved, to be re-switch. (In the calibration, be sure to keep the left and right pedals parallel to the ground.) Mode Switching: power-on default low sensitivity mode (beginner mode), the off state, press the power button, and within seconds the power button is pressed again, issued a drip sound mode is switched to the high-sensitivity mode (Motion mode). Reboot back to learning mode. Tilt protection: stepping on the pedal, the pedal must be less than the level of 10 degrees beyond the angle, the motor stops, status indication red. Power indicator board each 6 LED. Cool side panel of each lamp 8 LED. Uses: Suitable for assembling electric shilly car.
Bluetooth Board Size :5*4cm (bluetooth 2.1)
speaker Size :4*4cm
Package contains:
(Note: the balance car is not included)
Control board x1,
Intelligent attitude board x2,
Switching line x1,
Power Cord x1,
Power indicator board x2,
Cool side lamp plate x2,
Bluetooth board x1,
Speaker x1,

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