MAXFIND® Smart Self Balancing
MAXFIND® Smart Self Balancing

About the Product:
Control Board Size: 16.8 * 10 * 2.7cm (height containing highly capacitive)
Intelligent attitude board size: 10 * 5cm
Power indicator plate size: 4 * 4.8cm
Cool side lights board size: 7 * 2.2cm
Controllers learning Calibration: off, long press the power button for 5 seconds, "drip" sound until around headlights flash, attitude data successfully saved, to be re-switch. (In the calibration, be sure to keep the left and right pedals parallel to the ground.) Mode Switching: power-on default low sensitivity mode (beginner mode), the off state, press the power button, and within seconds the power button is pressed again, issued a drip sound mode is switched to the high-sensitivity mode (Motion mode). Reboot back to learning mode. Tilt protection: stepping on the pedal, the pedal must be less than the level of 10 degrees beyond the angle, the motor stops, status indication red. Power indicator board each 6 LED. Cool side panel of each lamp 8 LED. Uses: Suitable for assembling electric shilly car.
Package contains:
Control board x1,
Intelligent attitude board x2,
Switching line x1,
Power Cord x1,
Power indicator board x2,
Cool side lamp plate x2,
This buy link is including 9 items in total: 1 Motherboard, 2 Gyroscope boards, 2 Front LED lights boards, 2 Power Indicator boards, 1 Charger line and 1 Power cord.

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