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The end result is amazing, and impervious to high temperatures and oil or fuel. The front and back of the case should come apart completely. Now that I have a mill, maybe I can do the machine work on a new set for later installation. Primary breast augmentation clinical trial outcomes stratified by surgical incision, anatomical placement and implant device type. The two main categories of breast implant rupture are intracapsular implant rupture and extracapsular implant rupture. Notice that all I really did was open up the head to match the new cylinder diameter up to the point of the gasket, using it as a guide. More4Mini Kit for Segway Mini Pro. MRI technique for the implant-augmented breast MR imaging of the breast is best performed allowing relaxation of the tissues by imaging in the prone position and using a dedicated breast coil. The case will pop open enough to remove the phone, but the two halves remain attached at one end. This has been described as a “rat-tail sign” when this bulging border is pronounced. Work your way around the case to remove the rubber. All I needed now was an air/oil separator! In a rare fit of genius, it occured to me that I could use the same hole in the case for both oil breather and filler. Note the one inch inside diameter tube welded to the top. An extracapsular rupture is defined by free silicone extending beyond the fibrous capsule and into the soft tissues of the breast. Signs of possible implant rupture There are several indications of possible implant rupture: Contour deformity within the implant resulting in a bulging border. The crankshaft for this engine was bought from William Wynne. I found something similar at Home Depot in the form of a Briggs and Stratton air filter. I needed some more pushrod tubes powder coated, but couldn't find anybody in town that does that anymore. There is a LOT of work that goes into a big bore engine, and there are a lot of resulting unique parts that are almost impossible to get. In fact, I just don't think you'll ever get all of the crud out there beyond a doubt. In hindsight, I should have made this out of plexiglas or something similar to I could see if the seats were leaking. Some Otterbox cases, such as the Armor series models for the iPod touch, do not separate into two parts. Indistinct border of the implant or an irregular margin. In this setting the addition of MRI would find few additional implant ruptures not detected by sonography. In the instance of double capsule, chronic inflammation/infection and the outer biofilm are possible etiologies. Don't attempt this with a cutoff screw driver or a spade bit, as you'll booger up the boss that the distributor spins in, contributing to the early demise of the distributor bushings. Silicone-selective multishot echo-planar imaging for rapid MRI survey of breast implants.

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Three and four indicate “probably ruptured” and “ruptured” with recommendation for referral for further evaluation. These variations in silicone gel signal intensity can be diffuse or focal. However, contrast-enhanced breast MRI has been reported to be of benefit in the detection of recurrent breast cancer in patients with implant reconstructed breasts. Although it took just about forever to get it, the case finally arrived from Ray Sedman's shop. I used no cylinder base shim at all, just a thin bead of silicone as a seal. The effect of silicone implants on the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of breast cancer. The other journals in this picture are as received from the nitrider, and look they they've just survived re-entry from space or something. Large models have a "purge knob" on the front of the case instead, which you can turn to open and equalize pressure.Tighten the purge knob before using the case again. If nothing else, this proves my airspeed indicator is deadly accurate, since I got this same number this weekend without the GPS. Examining the implant shell using a cross-referencing tool across axial, sagittal, and coronal planes is very useful for evaluating contiguity of radial folds versus discontinuous elastomer shell. This also unshrouds the valves for better flow near TDC. An intracapsular rupture is obligate with an extracapsular rupture and is consequently more common than extracapsular rupture, an obvious statistical assessment. My previous installation was into the log, but the best you could do with that deal was provide fuel to four of the six cylinders. “Gel bleed” is a term used for microscopic silicone leakage through a presumably intact implant shell. While the FDA recommends follow-up MRI scanning biannually, starting in the third year after implant placement, the positive predictive value of such imaging in the asymptomatic population is likely not cost effective. This circle is the latch that keeps the two pieces of the case together. Despite the reduced sensitivity of mammography and sonography in the augmented breast, there is no recommendation for periodic contrast-enhanced MRI screening in this population, unless the patient would otherwise meet recommendations for MRI screening based on high risk factors for breast cancer. The seal is tight, so you'll have the best luck starting from a corner and pushing the case off the edge. Push the case off one of the corners with your thumb. The number was repeatable within a max error of a half a pound. Breast augmentation and reconstructive surgery: MR imaging of implant rupture and malignancy. FDA Update on the Safety of Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants. The underside of the hole was then radiused with the die grinder to eliminate the sharp edge. It is interesting to note that the presence of implants may facilitate detection of breast cancer on clinical breast exam. I did check them for pitting before I started this exercise. This tool is designed to slip onto the lanyard on your case. I guess the do-it-yourself kits have put them out of business, so I visited Eastwood's website and bought a kit for myself for a hundred bucks. The dotted lines were used to make sure the studs were parallel to the centerline of the engine. Multiple low signal intensity curvilinear lines are present floating within the silicone gel and represent collapse of the silicone elastomer implant shell. I wish I'd had time to replace the intake plenums, but that'll have to come later. Although I think I was the guy that started the trend of welding the intake tubes directly to the head, I later learned to dislike it. Radial folds and periprosthetic fluid should be considered variations of normal following breast implant placement.

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I believe William Wynne also has something similar. While pulling the circle up, remove the top half of the case off of the iPad. Waterproof cases form an airtight seal around your device. Use big thick washers under your head nuts, or you may crush the head's aluminum while torquing the nuts. This article will discuss multiple issues regarding breast implants that could be valuable to the interpreting radiologist, but it will principally focus on implant integrity evaluation. The GM manual gives a simplified valve adjustment procedure whereby you adjust all the valves by only rotating the crank one time. Although it had been hot-tanked, it was still pretty grubby, so I blasted it with walnut hulls to finish cleaning it up. This might even help explain the engine deposits I've been seeing. They were originally built as "prototypes", but they worked well, and I've been kinda busy flying, so they never were redone. The inner ring that you see will be the location for an o-ring on the intake tube flange. An interesting finding in this series was that neither infection nor malignancy was implicated as the cause for late periprosthetic fluid collection. Disadvantages of cohesive gel implants include a less supple feel of the breast versus non-cohesive silicone gel and contour deformity if the implant rotates within the implant pocket. Loss of substance from the implant is most commonly related to spontaneous loss of shell integrity and rarely attributable to a traumatic event. [You're not supposed to cook food in an oven that's been used for powder coating.] Each part is grounded and then the powder dusted on with a static charge. Complex radial folds are considered a normal variant; however, more thorough evaluation for early implant rupture should be performed when they are present. The reason I didn't plan to use them on the Phoenix engine is because there's a little more port corrosion and chamber damage on these than I like. This could be seen with calcification of the fibrous capsule. It takes a few more minutes, but I don't get confused that way. The clinical management of this late postoperative complication is for removal of the textured implants with immediate replacement with a smooth round silicone implant. Magnetic resonance imaging of the breast: Recommendations from the EUSOMA working group. When focal, this finding is referred to as a “salad oil sign” or “droplet sign.” It is important to note that this finding can be “normal” post implant placement without apparent rupture as occasional small droplets of water or small amounts of air can be identified within the silicone implant. Oil temps are much lower than before, because now I'm actually using the oil cooler, rather than bypassing it. Calculation of silicone breast implant volumes using breast magnetic resonance imaging. Intra-prosthetic breast MR virtual navigation: a preliminary study for a new evaluation of silicone breast implants. Intravenous contrast with a gadolinium-based contrast agent is unnecessary when evaluating solely the integrity of the breast implant. After the hack job, I machined away the welded stuff to create a flat gasket area. In this circumstance, more subtle signs of implant rupture should be sought. Regarding implant integrity, one and two are “intact” and “probably intact,” respectively with no further clinical management recommended. The port on the side of the expander is designed to allow for serial percutaneous needle access for saline to be injected without rupturing the expander. Radial folds are also commonly found with capsular contraction and subsequent reduction of the surgical bed volume. On close inspection silicone should be retained within the implant. With the increased use of textured implants, “rupture without collapse” will likely increase as a proportion of implant ruptures, given that the fibrous capsule is more adherent to the implant shell. Another improvement I made with the oil system this time around was to move the return from the cooling/filtering loop from the old oil cooler return to this plate, because access to the old location was difficult with the starter in place. Super hot oil is easier to suck into the intake guides. If this happens, equalize pressure by inserting a coin into the gap next to the latch on front of the case, then twisting the coin. Three and four represent “probable extracapsular leakage” and “definite extracapsular leakage” with recommendation for referral for further evaluation and management.

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Oscar also provided the name for this one, the "Phoenix", the engine that rose from the ashes of the broken crank incident almost two years ago. STIR silicone-selective sequences will demonstrate hyperintense silicone with water suppression. The Symmetry series is one of Otterbox's simplest cases: a flexible silicone enclosure for your phone. Despite advances in breast implants, shell integrity/implant rupture remains a clinical question that is often best answered with imaging. You'll have the easiest time removing the plastic part of the case if you work from the top of the device. There is a lot of measurement and fine tuning with this setup also.

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The case half on the left has been blasted, the one on the right is about to be. The green stuff is common "filter sock" used to protect paper or K&N filters from serious dirt. I sent it to Advanced Heat Treat Corp in Monroe, Michigan for nitriding. Knowing prior implant history may help to avoid a false conclusion of implant rupture in the rare setting of a patient who has undergone implant revision and has residual silicone in the soft tissues from the previous silicone implants. Be careful with the ports, as the rubber port covers can tear easily. Chung, et al developed an imaging algorithm for which modality to use in evaluation of implant rupture. And you can use steel for the tubing and flange, which can be bought off the shelf for VW exhaust system usage. So I've cleaned up the old pistons, honed the cylinders, and installed new rings, which will have to do for now. Magnetic resonance is the imaging gold standard for evaluation of integrity of the implant shell secondary to high spatial resolution and excellent contrast between the implants and the adjacent soft tissues. Instead, they open when you rotate a latch on the back of the case.

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If the snaps on the hard inner shell won't open, you can carefully pry them apart with a butter knife or flat head screwdriver. Once you have a corner off, you can work your way around the edge of the case to remove it. I machined a piece of aluminum into a plug for the head, and then used a differential compression tester to measure the leakage of both intake and exhaust valves at the same time. It helps to have a hard plastic card to wedge under the flexible cover

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