Quickbuying Racerstar Motor Gear
Quickbuying Racerstar Motor Gear

Material : Composite Material
For Vehicle Type : Helicopters
Model Number : Racerstar Motor Gear
Technical parameters : Value 10
Use : Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
RC Parts & Accs : Gear
Upgrade Parts/Accessories : Gear
Remote Control Peripherals/Devices : Gear
Four-wheel Drive Attributes : Gear
Tool Supplies : Gear

Description:Brand: Racerstar Item name: Motor Gear
Color: red
Tooth profile: 5GTTooth No.: 15
Teeth space: 5mm
Pitch diameter: 23.87mm
Tip diameter: 22.73mm
Gear surface roughness: Ra 3.2.  Usage: for BRH5065 BRH5045 Brushless Balancing Scooter Motor.   Package included:1 x Racerstar Motor Gear

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