UL2272 Certified 6.5 Inch Self
UL2272 Certified 6.5 Inch Self

Item No.: C1
Wheel size: 6.5 inch
Net weight: 20.28 LBs
Max load: 220 LBs
Min load: 44LBs Max speed limit: 10km/h (pls do not exceed)
Max range: 12km/full single charge(terrain, riding style and payload may effect range)
Max climbing limit: 15°
Battery: Lithium-ion (included)
Tire: non-pneumatic rubber tire
Item Dimensions: 23*7.5*7 inch
Ground clearance: 1.5 inch
Platform height: 4.5 inch

Kids under 12 years need to be under adults supervision or instruction.

PLS NOTE: Before riding, pls read product manual carefully, and learn security warning and precautions. Product manual can help you understand, use and maintain self-balancing scooter quickly.

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You can see if it is a safe charger is there are one of the UL marks on the charger. . Here’s a bit more information about the other new features: There is now a silicone gel layer that used on the main circuit board. I might wish that it could go faster, but that's minor. Even the CPSC became involved and declared that “all hoverboards were unsafe.” That declaration seemed to be the last straw for many hoverboard retailers, as they soon removed them from their shelves. It would not take much to penetrate the shell and puncture the battery. Terrain that is a little rougher will be easier to travel over.  It varies by retailer, though most will not take it back if it’s been used When people say "Hoverboard" this is what comes to mind. We knew that you liked the chrome colours and we were able to round a few up. Open wheel wells allow for easier maintenance and wheel rotation. Swagway is the most famous and widely known hoverboard brand. Compare that to what an older battery pack looked like: An older battery pack for a hoverboard. That means that there will not be any annoying duty, brokerage or exchange rates to surprise you. This standard evaluates the safety of the electrical drive train system and battery and charger system combinations.

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I’m putting this here to help out anyone who might need to get their hoverboard to change modes. UL Certified batteries and chargers also make it the safest model on the market. It’s an air-tight aluminium casing to help prevent fires The new Swagtron SentryShield battery pack. Less popular brands are more likely to disappear over time. Upgraded motor and gearing for better control and downhill performance. * Features LED lights, Battery indicators and Status lights.

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You can find the accounts listed on the Swagtron site. You may have heard of the Segway MiniPro self-balancing electric scooter. All the cheapest hoverboard models compared for those on a budget. It's currently the lowest priced hoverboard on Amazon. A little further down I show how to change the Swagtron modes. BUT, BUT, you do have to buy the hoverboard from Amazon. The Swagtron will beep again, but this time, it will be a longer beep than the first time you hit the Power button. You use a control mounted on a knee-high “joystick”. The shell, when combined with silicone bumpers, will protect your hoverboard from most of the scratches and scrapes that older models experienced. It is a fire-resistant polycarbonate that won’t melt when exposed to heat. The new SentryShield aluminum housing protects from fire hazards. Orders placed by noon will usually ship the same business day. He takes a propane torch and starts heating up the battery.  The motors are fully enclosed inside of the wheel housing for maximum protection and reliability. It is an air-tight aluminum casing to help prevent fires In my opinion, the SentryShield is the most impressive feature of the new Swagtron self-balancing scooters. Winner: MiniPro The Segway MiniPro uses a different control mechanism. Because it will cost you more than if you buy it from Amazon. The new shell is also lighter weight than the older model casing. If it doesn’t have this holographic sticker, it may be counterfeit. You would be hard-pressed to find a company that would announce a plan like that. This perforation allows the chemicals inside the battery to mix. SentryShield, SafeStop, and a new battery charging management system combine to make this the safest hoverboard available. New modes of operation to make it easier for new users. In it, I will show you what makes this one of the safest and best hoverboards that you can buy. You can also find it at Modell's, BestBuy, eBay, and the Swagtron site. You'll get an extra TWO years of coverage for your electric scooter. Be sure to get one that has passed the UL safety tests. It seals the circuit boards from dust and moisture, as well as providing temperature regulation to keep the circuit board from overheating.

In the previous generation of hoverboards, there was a plastic bracket to secure the battery to the case. SwagTron’s solution to riders falling is their new SafeStop feature. How popular a brand plays a critical role because the most popular brands are more likely to provide the support for their product long after you purchased it. Swagway and Swagtron are the best-selling hoverboards. Typically Amazon has the lowest prices for hoverboards Typically Amazon has the lowest prices for hoverboards, with some brands even offering them there for a few dollars less. When people say "Hoverboard" this is what comes to mind Until recently it looked like hoverboards were a fad that had disappeared just as quickly as they had appeared. OTHER NEW SAFETY FEATURES Here’s a hoverboard with the SentryShield battery pack. It is another brand that has passed the UL testing and listed on Amazon.

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That is blue plastic shrink-wrap surrounding the battery. If you find yourself needing to charge your hoverboard faster, consider purchasing an after-market hoverboard battery charger. Orders placed by noon will usually ship the same business day.

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Our Super-Six Classic Series is our most popular model. It is a fire-proof and airtight aluminum case that contains the lithium-ion battery safely inside of it. SWAGTRON CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT When choosing a hoverboard, it is vital that there be reliable customer service and support behind it. The warranty covers the original purchaser and the hoverboard from defects in material or workmanship. Non-flammable plastic makes up most of the electronics. Including different modes of operation make this a great hoverboard for beginners and experienced riders. Now, just a few months later, hoverboards are beginning to make their return to stores. SentryShield removes the possibility of your battery getting punctured by enclosing the battery completely inside an airtight aluminum case. Not only that, but you can see what has been done to make it a safer hoverboard. Moreover, a new, non-flammable material is used in the foot pads. What can happen with lighter riders is that if they do not have their feet properly on the foot pads the board can shake due to not enough pressure being put on the sensors. A new silicone coating to protect the circuit boards and connections from water, heat and dust. Gray Carbon Fiber Vinyl Smart. While charging, a hot spot inside the battery may occur. This is what the SentryShield looks like: The new Swagtron SentryShield battery pack. The first is when something punctures the other casing and inner layers of a battery. The Learner mode is for beginners and hoverboard novices. Travel range varies greatly and depends on the rider’s weight, the terrain, and even the temperature. If you look closely, you can see the screws that mount it to the chassis of the hoverboard. It does NOT cover damage from road hazards, accidents, or improper use. Wider foot pads made from an anti-slip flame-retardant material. The Standard operation mode resets the hoverboard performance to the default performance and sensitivity settings. Finally, SwagTron removed the flimsy plastic bracket that was previously holding in place inside the chassis. When you order from us you are buying from us, we are not just taking your money and passing your order on to somebody else. Swagtron may be a new name, but it is still the same Swagway company underneath. I’ve been closely following hoverboards for almost a full year now and I've never seen something like this. This means the company is much less likely to suddenly go out of business like many other companies that sell hoverboards. Because the case is airtight, the battery is also protected from catching on fire if the battery is over-charged. That mixture when exposed to oxygen, looks like this: Using a nail to perform a blunt puncture test of a hoverboard lithium ion battery This is an image of a blunt nail puncture test of a lithium-ion battery. We only sell the best quality products and stand behind them for the warranty period of ONE YEAR.

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The second method that hoverboard batteries catch fire occurs while they are charging. It features the most reliable circuit boards and comes with bump pads built into the fenders to protect against scratches. A little smoke was all that resulted from his testing. OUCH! Stay tuned for my full review, but click here if you want to learn more about the Segway MiniPro. These will help to reduce the likelihood of riders losing grip and falling when riding the hoverboard. ADDITIONAL SUPPORT Swagtron has a customer support email account at for any inquiries or questions that buyers may have. I do recommend that you use the Learning Mode if you have never ridden a hoverboard before. Swagtron offers the same level of service and quality that Swagway did, just now they have a new name. I also recommend reading my hoverboard comparison review. Previously, there was no documentation on how to calibrate your hoverboard and users had to learn through word of mouth or YouTube videos. That’s minor, and it looks like all the other boards that passed testing also have a top speed of about eight mph. As you can see, a simple puncture of the batteries casing causes it to burst into flames. NOTABLE UPGRADES INCLUDE: Bigger, flame-retardant, non-skid grips for the foot pads for a surer grip on them while riding. A beautiful example is the calibration instructions. All product is shipped from our warehouse in Wetaskiwin Alberta. SwagTron’s have been used by people like: Jamie Foxx – actor and comedian, The Black-Eyed Peas – musicians Felicity Huffman – actress Luiz Guzman – Actor Grandparents …and more If you were to compare the basic specs of the Swagtron hoverboard to other brands, it would be difficult to be impressed. A little non-slip grip helps out a lot more than you would think. SAFESTOP TECHNOLOGY With SentryShield working to prevent hoverboard fires, people falling off the hoverboard are the next biggest safety issues. New ABS shell does not scratch as easily as other models. Performance wise, its specs are about the same as most other hoverboard brands. Everywhere you looked was a news article about how a hoverboard caused this fire or a viral video of someone trying to ride a hoverboard and failing. It reduces the speed, increases the stabilization levels, and reduces the sensitivity of the sensors inside the foot pads. Inside it contains information and tips/tricks that you can use while owning your hoverboard. With these new safety features, it will be much harder, if not impossible to have a hoverboard catch on fire with normal usage. The warranty covers any hoverboard, not just the Swagtron. The next layer of protection was the hoverboard shell. It is only upon closer inspection that you can see some differences between it and the former model. The warranty covers the original purchaser from any defects in material or workmanship under normal use. I should have my full review written soon, but here’s a quick look at it. If you experience that, you may be in Learner mode instead of the normal operation. We welcome all of our customers to browse our selection and pick their order up at our store in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. There have never been any recalls on any of our hoverboards.

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Another nice feature of the MiniPro is the anti-theft alarm and app for your phone. SentryShield also includes the Smart Battery Management system which manages the battery charging cycle. The case protects the battery from accidental damages during use. For this review I’ll focus on these four criteria: Customer Service and support – the reliability of the brand, mechanical performance, and warranty.

This site is operated by Super-Bee Truck Accessories. The Razor Hovertrax has gotten better though it still has room for some improvement. In fact, this is what I recommend when people ask me which hoverboard they should buy. They are incredibly reliable and we back them up with a No Charge One Year Warranty for your protection and buying confidence.  Slowly the different brands are beginning to distinguish themselves from the basic hoverboard look, like the IO hawk had

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