Vibola New Hoverboard Silicone Soft
Vibola New Hoverboard Silicone Soft

Silicone Case Cover for 6.5 2 Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hover board


Condition: 100% Brand New

2 Wheel Smart Balance Scooter / Hover Board / Swegway / ioHawk / Phunkee Duck / Drift Board

This Is Soft Flexible Silicon Skin Cover kit

Designed to prevent major scratches occurring to the board

Easy To Install NO Tools Required a Wrinkle Free Cover


Fits all 6.5" models

Easy to fit, slides on over wheels

Left and Right side included

Self balancing board not included


Package Content:

2 Soft Silicon Cover for both sides (without retail package)

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It was originally Mapelglo and was restored by Paul Wilczynski, noted Rickenbacker luthier, using period-correct parts and refinished in Jetglo.

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in Mapleglo. This extremely rare guitar is one of the few “converter comb” models issued by Rickenbacker as a double-bound deluxe model. Note the "Les Paul" truss rod cover, soon to disappear from this model.  Black OHSC in excellent shape with gold lining. in Sunburst.  Doublebound hollowbody distinguished by multi-pointed cream colored “star” pickguard surrounding the three DeArmond pickups;  wooden bridge; block fretboard markers. Bolt-on neck with semi-hollow body construction.  All original with OHSC. Luke Carlsen and Five Got Rhythm Vibrato All-Stars Jennifer Keith Quintet Rogelio Douglas, Jr Smith.  This guitar is in near-mint original condition with its OHSC. So-called due to the shape of its headstock, this unusually clean example is seldom seen for a Danelectro of this era.  The white body binding is in perfect shape. This guitar was acquired from the son of the original owner.  It was played and well taken care of..  Another acquisition from the son of the original owner, this guitar was played and well taken care of. This bass is the product of a complete restoration project. Solidbody guitars with two DeArmond pickups; Fender-style headstock; dot fretboard markers and vibratos.  Black and white OSSCs. guitar above, except in the very rare left-handed version.  No doubt this was a custom order, as left-handed double-bound Rickenbackers from this era are seldom seen.  All original with silver tolex OHSC. This guitar is in near-mint original condition with its original HSC. This bass is a fine example with low action and sounds great.  With black Rickenbacker HSC in Fireglo. Solidbody guitars with two DeArmond pickups; Fender-style headstock; dot fretboard markers and vibrato on Redburst. in Fireglo.  This guitar is a very clean example in a rich Fireglo finish with a few dings around the unbound edges.  All original with gray OHSC. This particular example has Kluson tuners, checker-bound back, crushed pearl inlays and early hi-gain pickups.  All original with OHSC.

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. The original decal and part of the original headstock paint is intact, as is evident in the photos. in Cloverfield Green; rare color; early solid body model with gold metal pickguard and two single-coil “toaster” pickups in bridge and neck positions.  All original with OHSC. Other than the refinish, this guitar is all original with original “mint green” pickguard. This guitar was acquired from a relative of the original owner – who evidently did not play it very much. discussed above.  This guitar was acquired from the legendary Tatado Collection and has a deep ambered Fireglo finish distinctively darker in hue than the standard Fireglo or Autumnglo finishes.  This rare double-bound guitar is all original with silver tolex HSC. This guitar has neck binding, pearl dots and “F” tuners and neckplate; some mild weather checking on the finish.  Black OHSC. Other transitional features: truss rod adjusts at headstock; two string trees and “skunk stripe” on back of neck. Note the lack of checkered binding on the back and the very dark shade of Fireglo.  All original with OHSC. The rectangular treble pickup surround is still the style for the modern Rick basses today.  Although showing playing wear, this bass is a fine example which sounds great.  With silver vintage reissue silver HSC. in Fireglo.  In near mint condition, no playing wear. This extremely rare guitar rests in a period-correct archtop HSC that fits perfectly. Here’s the story: when I acquired this guitar the body had been stripped and the headstock partially stripped – all but the original decal and the green paint around it had been removed. It is in museum quality collector condition with its original trapeze tailpiece. Due to its configuration, the amplifier could not be used with any other guitar.  A feature seldom seen on this model is the snap-on cloth backpad, as there is no access port underneath. The tortoise guard was confirmed as original by a nationally known vintage guitar appraiser. So far I have at least one of each of the following models in Olympic White: Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Electric XII, Stratocaster, Mustang, Duo-Sonic I and II and Musicmaster I and II.

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I have seen only two others of this model in the O.S. It was professionally refinished in Sherwood Green, the color of the headstock paint, in nitrocellulose lacquer by Norm Isaac, who did restoration work for the Rock Hall of Fame in its early days. This early solidbody Combo is a very fine example of one of Rickenbacker’s earliest two-pickup solidbody guitars.

This example has a bound neck with pearl dots.  Black OHSC.  Formerly owned by Kurt Linhof.  All original with rare red-lined black OHSC. EPIKGO SPORT Balance Board Self. stating the model and serial number of the guitar.  It is in near-mint original condition with its original Mapleglo finish, crushed pearl fretboard inlays, double bound checkered binding and toaster-top pickups. Flamed maple body; three tissue-box pickups; block fretboard markers; master volume knob; original pickguard with “A” emblem; "Airline" on headstock; open-back tuners.  Black and white OSSC. Also evident in the photos is the “green” treble pickup with the black paint mostly worn off. This bass also has many “S” type features:  unbound body, dot inlays on fretboard and toaster-top neck pickup; however, it has the dual Ric-o-sound input jacks, not normally found on “S” body basses.  OHSC. A terrific sounding guitar that is structurally solid -- no cracks, breaks or excuses.  Standard long “sideways” vibrola with folding arm, typical of high-end Gibsons of this era; comes with original hang tag and some original factory papers. in Fireglo, very clean with three toaster-top pickups, deluxe crushed pearl fretboard inlays, double-bound body and Accent vibrato.  All original with silver OHSC. My goal was to obtain one of each vintage model in Olympic White. This early example also has a one-piece neck with no middle “walnut” stripe, an extra-long “crescent” soundhole and a wooden cap on the neck heel that extends over the body binding.  Apart from the pro refinish, this guitar is in original condition with period correct components and an OHSC. This stunning example is in excellent shape with beautifully flamed maple wood front and back.

Kampot Diamond Hotel & Restaurant in Kampot, Cambodia.

Very nicely aged Fireglo finish with vintage solid black knobs with white mark; shows some playing wear on fretboard and back of neck.  All original with OHSC. Also shown is side-by-side comparison of Sunburst Bobkat with same model made for Silvertone, below.  Black and white OSSCs. The finish on the backside of the guitar has met with some misfortune, but is original.  Black HSC. You may notice that many of the Fenders instruments listed below are finished in the Olympic White custom color.  Note the original Ac’cent vibrato and roller bridge. Comes with a very clean original tweed hardshell case with gold plush lining. in Pacific Blue; horizontal finish checking throughout; Moseley TP, “M” knobs, neck adjustment at headstock end; gray OHSC.

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